Written Estimates are provided and subject to your signed approval before initiating every project. 50% Deposits are required for all orders.

Development and Pre-Production Consulting & Organization

Consultation Sessions and Product Review  -  $50 per hour

Research and Sourcing of Materials  -  $50 per hour 

Fittings  -  $30 per half hour

Cut and Sew Production

A production sample and at least two hours of pre-production consulting are essential in order to give you a per piece production quote. 

Production Samples take more time than Design Samples. Production Samples also give us the information we need for the Order of Operations for each product.  

Production Sample  -  Starting at $150 per product

Pre-Production Consulting  -  $50 per hour

Order of Operations  -  $250 per product

Production System and Inventory Setup  -  $400 per product 

This is our internal production database and includes all color and size options, the order of operations and inventory details. Add $150 for products that don’t come with a tech pack.

Production rate is $28.00 per hour so that we can pay a living wage to our employees and cover our overhead expenses.  

Minimum Order Quantities are extremely low. With us, you should never have to worry about having to have too much product made.

Contact us for more information on drop-shipping options.

Please be aware that for inexpensive products there is a minimum charge of $28.00- or 1-hour’s work for the smallest runs. So, if your item runs at $7.00 a piece we advise that you request a minimum of four pieces.

Muslins and Samples

Our sample rate is $50.00 per hour. Like production, these are done by the piece. Sample quotes are estimated from the amount of time we think it should take us.

Samples generally cost two or three times the production rate.

Sample Prices range from:

  • $50.00 for a Basic T-shirt or similar item
  • $125.00 for a Dress with Lining
  • $250.00 for a Jacket or Blazer with embellishments.
  • Prices will be higher for silk, chiffon or satins.


General Pattern Work $60.00 per hour

New Patterns 4-hour minimum ($240.00)

Extra copies $20.00 for the first copy and $7.50 each for subsequent copies.

Transferring paper to digital or digital to paper $45.00 or more depending on the complexity of the pattern.

Grading and Markers

Please bear in mind that any patterns you bring for grading must be clearly marked with the position of all body measurements used to create that pattern along with the body measurements of the person/size that the garment was made to fit.

Grading cost is $90.00 for 3 sizes, $20.00 per additional size

Markers can only be done for digital patterns

Marker cost is $10.00 per pre-graded size

Size Chart Analysis for patterns not created by us  -  $150 one time


Tech Packs

Starting at $150 per design.  Please contact us for more information.


To arrange a consultation or ask a question, send us a message.

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